Big Birthday Party

Sick of boring birthdays and lame parties? If you think you have what it takes, get ready for the biggest…the best…the ULTIMATE birthday party. At Apsis VR, we’re now offering the exclusive Big Birthday Party package to make your child’s next birthday party the best one ever!

What’s on offer? Read on to find out!

The Basics

Apsis VR is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, at 10 Queen Street. We’re just a five minute walk away from Flinders Street Station, and right next to multiple bus and tram lines, making organizing everyone’s arrival and departure a breeze! 

The Big Birthday Party package is suited for groups of 8 to 25, and can be booked for any day of the week. Our experiences are suited for kids ages 10+, and our friendly Game Masters can advise which games are best suited for your group. Your party will go for 2 hours, during which you will have exclusive use of the venue.

Party Host

Each birthday party will receive a party host (or multiple, for larger groups) so that parents can sit back and relax during the party. This host will provide briefings for the different experiences so that all players understand how to play and can maximize their game time, as well as going through important safety information. 

Hosts are on-hand at all times, and will provide guidance, tips and tricks dynamically to suit your child and their friends. We’re always happy to help answer any questions attendees may have, and our passion is making sure your birthday party is truly unforgettable.

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Your experience will begin with one of our virtual reality escape rooms. We have over 15 different escape rooms to choose from; horror, action, sci-fi – there’s an escape room for everyone! Your party will split into teams (depending on the size of your booking) and can either race each other in the same escape room, or the different teams can do different rooms.

Our escape rooms all have intuitive design, allowing everyone to help contribute to solving puzzles. The mind-bending visuals and creative puzzles are sure to immerse everyone in a brand new world unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. We have multiple difficulty levels of escape room (from beginners to advanced), and hints are always available if required. Will you escape in time?

Party Room

Solving the escape room puzzles can be hungry work, so the next step is taking a break in our party room. Apsis VR can order catering for you, or feel free to bring in your own food and snacks to enjoy. There’ll be plenty of time to cut the cake and refuel, and guests can take photos against our photo wall to create memories to show off on social media.

Virtual Reality Arcade Games and Racing

To finish off the party, guests will be able to play our wide variety of arcade games. We have a curated collection of 20+ arcade games; shooters, puzzle games, rhythm games – all handpicked for their high level of immersion and fun! Both single player and multiplayer games are available during this time, with your party host available to assist in recommending the best games for your guests.

We also have our VR racing simulators on offer during this time. We use high-end VR headsets and professional grade racing wheels for the most immersive and thrilling experience available. From go-karts to Formula 1 cars, there are hundreds of car options to choose from as you race against a friend, or just work your way up to a personal best. Enjoy all the fun of racing, with none of the risks!

These arcade and racing games are the perfect way to wrap up your party, as you show off your newfound VR gaming skills!

Jon Hopwood

Great place. Just finished our sons 11th birthday party here. Awesome team who were clear, kind and patient with the boys. Great, chaotic fun in the game! Highly recommend. Thanks

Sarah Ganon

Bought my kids and their friends to celebrate their birthday and they had “THE BEST” time, such a fantastic set up and great customer service. We will be back again and this time the adults will also play!!

Michael Fitzallen

What an absolutely wonderful surprise birthday experience. I was delighted to turn up to the friendly staff ready to take this first timer to vr escape room fun with ease. What a mind blowing experience – highly recommend!

Suresh Kumar Mathivanan

The level of immersion was mind-blowing, and the puzzles were challenging yet exciting for the boys. Can’t wait to do it again!

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