virtual reality experience, Melbourne

We try our best to make you and your group happy by having fun and excitement with virtual reality experience at the

  • Best Virtual reality melbourne venue (ApsisVR) at the heart of Melbourne CBD,
  • Providing high quality melbourne virtual rooms with standing, moving and seated virtual reality experiences,
  • State of the art VR headsets using Oculus 3, HTC Vive and VR glasses, and
  • The most friendly & experienced game masters from ApsisVR, who have achieved the highest growth rate in Google Reviews.

VR Experiences & Escape Rooms in Melbourne

We offer the following unique VR experiences in Melbourne

  • Multiple Escape Rooms with different themes using virtual reality. We have one of the largest collection of vr escape rooms in Melbourne.
  • Portfolio of VR Arcade Games and escape games for both single and multi-player for shooting, sports, visual experience to mix and match.
  • VR racing cars for two people to race each other using VR headsets providing a unique experience.
  • Gift Vouchers for birthdays, fathers day, mothers day or for any special event

Merger of ViriVR and ApsisVR - Located 10 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000

ViriVR launched in 2019, as a pioneer of virtual reality in Melbourne. By offering vrgames, virtual reality arcade games, the plank, vr escape rooms, vr racing cars and flight simulators they helped introduced VR headsets into the entertainment industry. ApsisVR launched in 2021, to offer the best customer experience for escape rooms using VR headsets by obtaining the fastest growth in google reviews. Today they both brands have combined together to offer the next stage of innovation using VR headsets. In February 2024 the merged operations has made us a stand out VR

We are open for online booking from 10 AM to 10 PM based on availability every day of the week.


Read what other players are saying about Viri.


"Awesome place. Good value and the experience feels very real. Would definitely recommend."


"SO MUCH FUN!!!! The plank experience was amazing, felt so real I was actually shaking haha. "


"Great experience, very fun. Service was friendly & helpful. Would do again!"


"Don’t miss the Plank! Easily the most realistic. You walk the plank out over a city skyline."


"This was the most fun I've had in a long time. Many laughs and yelling. It gets real intense so bring your A game.""


"Great range of games, friendly staff and the best VR place I’ve experienced and it’s in such a great location!"


"Had a blast here! The place is so well set up and the gaming is so realistic and immersive. Can't wait to go back!"


"Very well presented and good lay out. Soo much fun and prices are really good. Racing rigs are excellent! "


"This was amazing!! Superb service and activities were fun and thrilling. Going back for sure"


"Great chill out joint. Love the atmosphere and the venue!"